Thursday, January 22, 2015

Buying NUGT at 16.60 level

I am expecting NUGT to fall to 16.60 level which is support at present. I would be watching to get in at support level with an exit target of 26


  1. NUGT shook me off today. But I had my stop loss on 17.05 just to be safe. I was happy with yesterday's move. Since market closed above support level at 18.01, I am still positive on this. If am stopped out, I would be in profit for 45 cents per stocks. At present my resistance are 19.30-19.40 level. If crosses above I expect to move up to my target level. If I am stopped out then I would buy this at 15.300-15.50 level.

  2. NUGT sold in premarket at 16.60. I will watch and re enter at next support