Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Swing Trading ideas

Here I have few stocks for swing long trade ideas. Now this doesn't mean that I am a stock God. My calls are based on my analysis. I set up stop loss to be safe and if you want to be safe then you should consider to set up stop loss. Take your own decision and do your homework. Please be noted the below analysis is not based on any fundamental analysis. You would have to do your own research on that. 

AAPL - Heading to daily support at 103.04 level. If breaks that support next support is 95 level in next few weeks.
AAPL buy at below 103.50 with stop loss at 102. First target 121.40 and 2nd target exit 127 level. If am stopped out I am happy to buy this at next support 95 -96 level. 

HUM:  I love trading this stock. I am waiting to buy at the dip again where I see the support at 130.42. Stop loss would be at 129 and if am stopped out I will buy at next support at 126.57 . Exit target would be 157 to 161

BG - I see the support at 86.30 to 86.60 level. If you are buying at support level suggested stop loss is below $ 1.00 of the support level. Exit target would be 98.50. If breaks the support I expect this stock to head towards its next support at 77-78 level. 

GS - GS is heading to 181.08 level and stop loss is 178. Exit target 205 level.  

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