Monday, January 18, 2016

My views on market movements..

 Has the correction started ?

We are in bearish days since few weeks now. If you ask me, the market correction started since 21st Aug 2015, and I believe this will continue until you see S&P 500 moving towards 1680 points or 1700.

Nasdaq - 4122 level is the support I see at present and if broken could head towards 3250 level.

NYSE - Down move towards 8000-7860 level.

Considering all these things there could be corrections till Aug 2016.

I am posting these picking ideas which could be valid for next year but these are my suggestd entry points to keep in mind. 

AAPL I see the best time to buy this stock next would be at 70 level. Till then you would see the correction continuing.

GOOG I am hoping should move towards 678 in 2 days, as far as this doesnt break below 663 one should be safe enough to move up, if not expect a correction in here too.

FB - 83 level is my next support level and if breaks down the next picking up level could be 65.

Note : I suggest you , do your own homework before you consider my opinion. My opinions are based on my studies and strategies and they are not meant for you to follow blindly. When you invest your money be responsible to research enough than blaming someone. Happy Trading !

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