Thursday, November 19, 2015

Trade Picks Part 2 for the week of Nov 19 - 28

New Picks: 

I found few  more stocks here today which could see potential up trends in next few days. 

  • XON - Entry point 35.30-35.50 level with an exit target of 42 level in next few weeks. Now keep in mind there are 2 Fibonacci supports at 37.23 and 36.75 level. So if I am trading this stock I would take 1/3 rd of positions each at these levels and set up stop losses below 10 cents of my purchase point so that just in case if I am stopped out, I would get in at next level and enjoy the ride up. 
  • CTRP- As per my studies it has room to move up to 139-140 level in next few days. Curent price is 110.00 and suggested entry price would be 102.87 , and 101.34 level, where I see the supports. If breaks those support next drop would be to 94.60.. I would set up stop losses below each entry point for 60 cents below to be safe. 
  • TTPH - Suggested entry point at 11.18 with stop loss of 11.13, exit target 24 level for swing trade in next few weeks. If trade stopped out then next entry point at 10.44 level with stop loss of 10.37 level.. 

Update on my previous blog :

  • MRK - My entry price is not triggered yet. If breaks below 53.80 today, should trigger my entry point in next few days. Consider the entry point as 52.70 level with stop loss of 51.90. Exit target remains same as 58.50
  • EGRX - Never hit my entry point as I mentioned before. Now near the exit target, where in exit target remains 86 level. Then it should come down to 69-70 level for the next run up. Just wait on this. I will update you for next trade.
  • TEVA - Entry point didn't trigger, but at the same time, didn't break out. Today's high, 61.75 is its resistance point. So if doesn't break out should come down for the next entry point 55.80 in next few weeks. I will be watching this. 

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