Thursday, April 23, 2015

Added VDSI and my watchlist

For the bulls, today is a wonderful day though morning quite shook off.  Tomorrow I am expecting bulls day again. SPY closed exactly at 15 min support today. It has room to move to 212.40 where I see daily sideways resistance. If breaks one point above it should move to 222 level in next few weeks if not move down towards daily support 202 level. 

Holding Positions:
  • CNX bought yesterday at 29.78 , I am holding with almost 90 cents profit on each stock. My target to exit would be 32.20. 
  • I added VDSI today at 26.02. Exit target would be 27.80 level.
  • COH wanted to add at 41.31 but I was late for the party. By the time I placed an order stock had already moved up to 42.02 level. So I waited for break out at 42.06 and then got in at 42.12 level. I am holding them at present. Exit target is 44.70 level.


I have bunch of stocks in my watch list at present. Most of them on bullish side play. I will be watching GPOR tomorrow to enter at 48.42 level where I see the support. If I get in my exit target will be 55 level.

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Happy Trading !!

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