Monday, April 27, 2015

Out of all Long Positions

As I see the chart, I see SPY moving towards 208 5 to 208.7 level in next 2-3 days. Morning was profit booking day. So booked the profit in all positions I had. 

Closed Positions : 
  • COH which bought on Thursday at 42.12 sold at 43.18. In fact as it moved up I was stopped out below today's 1 min chart. 
  • CNX which bought at 29.78 sold at 30.14 again stopped out.
  • GPOR stopped out at 48.76 from 48.31
  • CLR sold at 52.04 from 51.84
Opened Positons : 
 I have no opened positions as of now. I am more on short side as a day trader until I see SPY hitting to 1 hour support at around 208.5 -208.7 level. So I will be shorting at the opening tomorrow. 


Though I am short as a day trader, I  still I have below long trades in my mind with tight stop losses

  • I wanted to buy ACAD at 35.45 level with stop loss of 35.38 which is at 30 min support, but didn't trigger my trade. I would still consider this trade at 35.50 entry level near support with few cents stop loss below the support. If I dont get stopped out, it should head towards 39.50 level in next 3 to 4 days.
  • WCG is next trade in my mind to go long at 80.10 level with tight stop loss again. If moves up without stopping me out , then should go to 83.60 level in next 2 days. 
  • IBM is in my watchlist to get in at 168.5 level with tight stop loss again. I will be posting exact entry point based on my trend line support on stocktwit.

Note :
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