Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day Trading ideas and few swing ideas

Closed Positions: 

  • DDD stopped out at 30.94 from 31.02. Lost 8 cents here. Broke my support and went down . 
Opening Positions:
  • Placed an order for $CNX at 29.14, I was away when it hit 29.11, other wise I would have got into it then. Now I am just watching and decide at the end of the day to get into it. CNX has room to move to 32 level in next 2 days. I have bought June 31 calls on them as well. Will exit when stock hits 32. 
  • BHI - I am planning to enter into this trade at 66.35 to 66.50 level with stop loss of 20 cents below my support. . Expecting BHI to move towards 70's next. 
  • THC is another stock in my radar to enter on long trade. I am planning to enter between 49.98-50.04 level with June 50 calls. I see the move towards 55 level.  

Swing Trade Ideas for next few days: 

PCRX is heading towards weekly support, where I expect a good entry point at 79.50 level with stop loss of 78.70, On long term basis may be if you hold on to for a year the stock has room to 250's as per the chart. Good luck. 

 Please be noted, I have not done fundamental analysis on PCRX. That's your home work to do it yourself.



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