Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bought SSYS 57.91

 Today I sold all my positions which were bought yesterday.

  1. CNC at 69.48  which were bought on April 15th at 67.74. As it moved up, I moved my stop loss, when it hit 69.6399, I was expecting a move to 70's .. But it didn't happen today. 
  2.  SWIR I sold at 38.94 which were bought at 38.04, still I see the room to move up to 40's. I am thinking of re adding them if I find a chance tomorrow. If not in the next 30 min support.
Added Positions:

I bought SSYS at 57.91 as I am expecting a move up to 62.41. Since its Friday, I just decided to add one position. 

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