Friday, April 17, 2015

Bought BHI at 66.71

Market was red today, SPY closed at 207.95. For Monday as far as it doesn't fall below 207.65 level, it should be moving up to 209.20-.40 level. So keeping this in mind, I added BHI today at 30 min support.

Closed Position :

  • SSYS which were bought on Thursday at 57.91 sold at 57.11 loosing 80 cents per stock. Since SSYS broke the support at 30 min chart it could go to 51 in next few days.
  •  TOL is another stock I got in the morning based on 30 min chart support at 38.34 and stopped out at 38.28 as the support broke down. So this would be more of my shorting play to keep in mind to day trade on market down days.  35. 50 level is the next daily support where it might fall in next few days.  
  •  PRGO : I got in at 190.20 level today, and sold them at the end of the day 199.60. This is more of volatile stock and I didn't want to hold on to it. So over all my day is been good.   

Bought Position:  

  • I wanted to get into BHI at 66.43, but my order didn't get through at that point. So finally I managed to get in at 66.71. I am expecting move up to 71 level in next 1-3 days. 


I didn't wnat to add more positions on weekends though I considered today's dip as buy.

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